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I have recently started a business named Lineup Monster which is available at Lineup.Monster. If you got here by accident, blame an ssl redirect that has since been fixed. Click the link to get to Lineup.Monster or stick around to learn more about me.

I am a Data Scientist at Life-Science Innovations. I get to play with interesting data sets all day, helping a range of affiliate companies from quality control to vaccine development to engineering. Every day presents an exciting new challenge, and forces me to expand my data analysis (and visualization) skill set.

At the start of my career, I was a college professor teaching biology and statistics. I still harbor a deep love of teaching – I am just now finding different ways to express it, including within my company and reaching out to local schools. I have also developed a number of interactive classroom apps using Shiny for R, most of which are available from my Shiny page.

My own research has spanned next-generation sequence analysis from gene expression to population genomics to metagenomics. I have even applied bioinformatics tools to data from educational programs. In short: my research involves “Big Data.” I am always looking for students and collaborators interested in exploring new datasets.